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Job Details

Location of Job: Manassas, VA
When: Mar 23, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Electrical Panel Replacement
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Brief Explanation

What All Goes Into An Electrical Panel Replacement?

Recently we replaced a customer’s old, outdated main electrical panel box in their home. We’re well versed in these replacements, but we still don’t use that as an excuse to slack off.

Every job is different and should be approached with the exact same care and attention as if it’s where our first professionally contracted job.

Obviously, the initial step that anybody should do when working on an electrical system is to turn the main source of connected power off, which is exactly what we did.

This is the most obvious and simplistic safety operation that EVERY true electrician should do. Yet, it’s stagger to realize just how many accidents happen every year just from people forgetting this fundamental law of electrical safety. But, moving on.

Once the power was switched off and safely away from our workspace, we removed the old split bus panel in order to get to the main inner workings of the panel box.

After this step was completed, we then removed the old panel box and the main feeder cable. This then completely exposed the inner wires.

To the average person, this mess of wires and cables looks like a weekend project gone wrong, but it’s just another day at the office for us electricians. We always take note of what specific connections are made beforehand so there’s never any “best guessing” going on whatsoever.

What Was Done To Install The New Electrical Panel?

From here, we then performed the new 4/0 service entrance cable installation to meter box directly outside on the exterior of the customer’s house.

Next, we then proceeded with the brand new 40-Circuit Electrical 200amp Panel Installation.

All of the cable and wiring, which was contorting about in some of the Before pictures, was then meticulous and efficiently reinstalled, checked for accuracy, then re-checked again just for good measure.

Finally, after the new electrical panel was successfully installed along with the new breakers, we then tightened up the outside power and turned everything back on. Mission Accomplished.

After Photos

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Manassas, VA
Client Testimonial
We are very pleased with the personal and professional services John and Express Service Pros provided us in converting an existing screen porch into a four seasons office/library. Work was first class and affordable. All county inspections passed without question and John was careful in… ~ Paul Arthur - Manassas, VA

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1. Should You Get An Electrical Panel Replacement?


There are a few common signs and symptoms that it just might be time to get a replacement for your electrical panel.

To start with, these types of replacements are extremely far and few between. The average electrical panel box lasts between 25-40 Years, so right there is a big tip for you: How old is your house?

Next, is your electrical panel warm or hot to the touch? If it is, it might be time for a new one.

Heavy electrical use causes heat to inevitable built in any unit, but if an electrical panel box is especially crowded or clumped together, then this could lead to excessive heat transfer to the surrounding wires and connections which could potentially compromise the unit.

Furthermore, if you’re noticing that your appliances aren’t running at full capacity, this could be a symptom of a sluggish, overfilled electrical panel also. Due to the high amounts of energy which are possibly being demanded from it, this could occasionally lead to power surges that may make your lights flicker or trip a few of your breakers.

These are just a few of the common signs that it may be time for you to get an electrical panel replacement.

If you’d like to find out more information from us, please, feel free to give us a call and we could set up an appointment to help you fully access your electrical panel’s situation and potential future needs.

2. Which Electrical Panel Amperage Is Right For Me?


Older homes tend to have panels that fill up around the 60 to 100 amps range or so.

While 100-150 amps tend to be suitable enough for most homes, 200-amps Electrical Panels, such as the one seen in the After Pictures, tend to be more than enough for our modern day, technology-heavy lifestyles.

3. What Exactly Is An Amp?


An Amp, short for ampere, is a basic type of measurements used for electrical currents. Here’s a quick reference to some different household items and their average usage in Amps.

Laptop = <0.5 Amps

Desktop Computer = 3.0 Amps

Microwave = 4.5 Amps

Toaster = 9.0 Amps

Hair Dryer = 10.0 Amps

Oil Filled Radioator = 13.0 Amps

4. What Sets Us Apart From The Rest?


We’ve been working in the electrical industry for over 27+ Years.

Our team of professional, courteous electricians is Fully Qualified and Certified.

We never cut corners to rush a job, but we don’t take forever and a day to complete one either. For this recent panel replacement, everything was completed in a timely fashion that was not only efficient but completely safe and secure as well.

Additionally, we follow all guidelines and regulations set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) at all time.

Furthermore, we back up all of our installations with our 5-Year Warranty, so if anything seems to not be working as it should be, we’ll take care of it for you.