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Job Details

Location of Job: Manassas, VA
When: Mar 14, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Backup Generator Installation
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Brief Explanation

How fast were we able to install this emergency generator?

In less than a few days.

How kind of model did we install?

The specific emergency generator which we installed for our customer was a Generac 22 Kilowatt that's capable of providing electricity to an entire home anywhere from 2 hours all the way up to 2 weeks!

How Did We Install This Emergency Standby Generator?

For this specific unit, we did a dual “LP” (Liquid Propane) tank installation so that even if a natural gas line were to go out, the generator would still be capable of running for a prolonged period of time.

This involved digging a brief trenching for electrical power as well as for the control wiring to the gas line.

We used some conduit PVC piping for the generator's power and controls, and then diverted the Generac's power underground.

We did the same as well with the control wiring and for the gas line installation.

(Have a quick look at some of our Before/During pictures.)

How Did We Go Above And Beyond With This Installation?

To go a step further during this project, we built a privacy fence to hide the generator's fuel tanks out of sight at no additional cost to our customer. 

We also put in some fresh, brand new mulch where the trenching was for the pipes and gas lines that we'd buried underground.

Additionally, we thought it'd be best to go ahead and paint the exterior of the small fencing to better match the surrounding color of the house. (Psst... We even painted the interior too. I know right?)

Once all that was taken care of, we then finally switched on the Generac onto Standby Mode and a nice, satisfying neon-green light turned on for us. (Check it out in After pictures.)

Our customer's emergency generator was now ready to handle anything that might possibly be thrown at it.

Be it a brief power outage, a nasty thunderstorm, a fluke, blue-moon blizzard, or some jittery squirrel that likes to chew on outdoor power lines. (The other squirrels call him "Sparky" for a reason.)

After Photos

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Manassas, VA
Client Testimonial
We are very pleased with the personal and professional services John and Express Service Pros provided us in converting an existing screen porch into a four seasons office/library. Work was first class and affordable. All county inspections passed without question and John was careful in… ~ Paul Arthur - Manassas, VA

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1. What brand of generator is this?


This specific emergency generator is an exterior 22KW Generac standby unit which is capable of providing enough reliable power and electricity to run a home for up to weeks at a time.

2. Why did we add in new mulch?


Mulch is an amazing asset when it comes to outdoor electrical work. Mulch helps Earth-sitting units by regulating extreme surrounding hot and cold temperatures that easily occur out in the open elements.

Mulch is also a great form of protection against those aggravating weeds that love to crawl in and around electrical work along with the wiring that surrounds it.

Furthermore, mulch is a great absorbent and is able to retain large amounts of water. This helps to prevent water from pooling around various outdoor electrical units, in this case, a generator, and thus acts as a great first line of defense against potentially soggy sitting conditions.

3. How does an emergency standby generator work?


An emergency standby generator turns on automatically once it senses that the regular electrical current that's flowing into the house is no longer working.

The green light that's easily seen in this specific Generac models visually signifies that the unit is in standby mode and ready to act as soon as a power outage may occur..

4. What are the benefits of getting a power generator installed?


Wow, where to start...

  • 1 - Peace of mind in otherwise potentially disastrous situations.
  • 2 - Regulation of unpredictable power fluctuations are capable of blowing out fuses and crippling certain electronics.
  • 3 - Protection against potentially deadly heat stroke during heat waves.
  • 4 - Continued use of your everyday appliance during prolonged periods of blackout.
  • 5 - Protection against hypothermia during blizzards or cold fronts.
  • 6 - Ability to store food for prolonged periods of time during blackouts.
  • 7 - Etc...

A quote from the famous, historical author Franz Kafka appropriately sheds light on this subject as well when he said, "Better to have, and not need, than to need, and not have."

5. Why choose us to install your new generator?


We believe in our work so much that we give all of our customers a 5 Year Warranty once they choose us to provide for their electrical needs. We firmly stand behind this commitment to provide quality, local electrical services.

We're fully-licensed and fully-insured so you can rest easy knowing that your appliances and installations are in good, trained hands.

6. What's the Express Electrical Service experience all about?


We pride ourselves on providing personalized customer interactions every single day, regardless of what the job may entail.

Whether it's rewiring your home or simply changing a few light bulbs, we'll work around your specific wants and needs with the same unspoken respect and dignity that we've given to all of our past customers.