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Location of Job: Fairfax Station, VA
When: Apr 5, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Generac Generator Installation
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Brief Explanation

Why Did They Choose Us?

We provided a start-to-finish installation of a Generac generator for a customer over in Fairfax Station, VA.

They'd heard of our expertise when it came to Generac generators and noticed how local we were to them, so they decided to give us a call.

This project was fairly time intensive to begin with, but other than that, everything else went about smoothly and securely.

In one of our Before pictures, snow's clearly visible on the ground, so what better time to get a generator than at a point in time when you may need it the most.

Why Did We Pour Concrete?

For this specific project, we poured and set a concrete pad for this Generac as there wasn't any other substantially flat surface suitable for hosting the unit.

The main reason generators need to be placed on pads such as these is to keep them off and away from ground level.

These type of support pads help to ensure that over time and extended exposure to the outside elements, the generator will stay drier and not sink into the ground.

Since most generators are uneven in their overall weight, having a solid foundation underneath distributes the wait out and keeps it from leaning too much to one side over time.

There are other methods which accomplish this same purpose as well though. Pea gravel can help make planes level, especially for landscapes that may be excessively crooked or unlevel.

Another recent tactic that's become more popular is the simple concept of generator pads. These pads almost act as box springs for generators to rest on.

They don't require any concrete, screws, nails or any type of permanent installation and they still accomplish the same mission just as well as the other methods.

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Client Testimonial
We are very pleased with the personal and professional services John and Express Service Pros provided us in converting an existing screen porch into a four seasons office/library. Work was first class and affordable. All county inspections passed without question and John was careful in… ~ Paul Arthur - Manassas, VA

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1. Where Did We Install It & Why?


As per codes set forth by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), we placed this 22 kW Centurion Series Generac no closer than 18 inches away from our customer's home.

The ideal location to install an emergency standby generator is one that allows it to operate safely and efficiently without potentially putting the well being of your home or family in danger.

Often times, local building ordinances and code authorities have the final say of where such installations take place and where they shouldn't.

Thankfully, we've had plenty of experience working side-by-side with these types of institutions, so we have no problem whatsoever with working within these state regulated installation parameters.

2. What Are The Perks Of Having A Generator?


There so many really its hard to decide where to even start.

  • 1 - Peace of mind in otherwise potentially disastrous situations.
  • 2 - Regulation of unpredictable power fluctuations are capable of blowing out fuses and crippling certain electronics.
  • 3 - Protection against potentially deadly heat stroke during heat waves.
  • 4 - Continued use of your everyday appliance during prolonged periods of blackout.
  • 5 - Protection against hypothermia during blizzards or cold fronts.
  • 6 - Ability to store food for prolonged periods of time during blackouts.
  • 7 - Etc...

A quote from the historical author Franz Kafka appropriately sheds light on this subject as well when he said, "Better to have, and not need, than to need, and not have."

3. How Long Have We Been Installing Generators?


We've been in the Electric business for nearly 3 DECADES, so when it comes to experienced generator installation services, we know the entire process front to back, inside and out.

Furthermore, we back up all of our work with our 5-Year Warranty.

That way if, for some reason, the labor or equipment doesn't hold up as it should, you're completely covered.

Additionally, we pride ourselves on providing personalized customer interactions every single day, regardless of what the job may entail.

Whether it's rewiring your home or simply changing a few light bulbs, we'll work around your specific wants and needs with the same unspoken respect and dignity that we give to all of our customers.

4. What Makes Our Work Safe & Secure?


All our technicians are Fully Qualified and Certified Electricians.

Safety is always our #1 Priority here at Express Electric.

We follow all the standards rules, procedures and safeguards set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

When you decide to work with our team, you can rest assured that we'll provide Safe & Secure repairs, services, installations and removals that are done correctly The 1st Time.