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Job Details

Location of Job: Manassas, VA
When: Apr 25, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Interior Living Room Recessed Lighting Installation
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Brief Explanation

What Did We Do For This Project?

We finished up installing a brand new recessed lighting package for a new customer in the main family room area of their home.

There had previously been no lighting installations in that particular room whatsoever, so this was a fresh installation with no prior holes or wiring to work off of.

The first step in this project was to measure and then cut the holes for which the recessed lighting would end up going in the first place.

Once this was completed, we then went about installing the necessary wiring for the LED recessed lighting units, then finally secured in the actual lights.

After everything else was finished up, all of the new wiring which was installed along with the new recessed lighting units themselves resulted in ZERO drywall damage whatsoever.

Such an occurrence happens every now and then in regards to inexperienced electricians conducting installations, but we do everything in our power to make sure this never happens to our customers.

What's Included In Our Limited-Time, Recessed Lighting Package!

For ONLY $589.00, our All-Inclusive, Recessed Lighting Installation Package comes with it all.

6 standard recessed lights with modern LED lamps, all necessary wiring installed, included labor costs for all necessary parts and services, and even a FREE Dimmer Switch included as well.

To make matters even better, all of the materials and labor that go into these installations are backed by our 5-Year Quality Warranty Guarantee.

Once all the wiring, LED lamps and dimmer installations were tightened up and completed, our customer fell in love with her new modern lighting that helped to finally bring the big, empty space of her family room to life at last.

This customer couldn't have been more pleased with our Recessed Lighting Installation Package and all that entailed, and she said that she looks forward to working with us again in case she ever wants to add some additional lighting or just needs some general electric work done.

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Manassas, VA
Client Testimonial
We are very pleased with the personal and professional services John and Express Service Pros provided us in converting an existing screen porch into a four seasons office/library. Work was first class and affordable. All county inspections passed without question and John was careful in… ~ Paul Arthur - Manassas, VA

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1. What's The Purpose Of Having A Light Dimmer?


Dimmers have become the modern-day standard for nearly all recessed lighting installations.

As the hours change throughout the day, you may notice that certain lights need to be turned on while others may need to be turned off.

A dimmer gives you the fine-tuned ability to control the brightness levels of nearly an entire space with just the slide or turn of a nob.

At times, you may need to have a lot of bright light for cleaning or working.

Other times, for those slower and more relaxed hours of the day, it's useful to have it lower for pastimes like reading a book or a newspaper, taking a nap, or even when watching a movie.

Bottom line, dimmers help to give you the power of personal lighting done your way.

2. How Good Are We At Recessed Lighting?


We're THE BEST Fully-Licensed Electricians in Manassas that excel at recessed lighting installations and services.

We love everything about these types of lighting units, and we love helping customers out with our professional services even more.

3. Are We Bonafide Electricians?


We are for sure!

All of our technicians are Fully Qualified and Certified Electricians.

Safety is always our #1 Priority here at Express Electric.

We follow all regulations established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) at all time.

When you decide to work with our team, you can rest assured that we'll provide Safe & Secure repairs, services, installations and removals that are done correctly The 1st Time.

And in addition to our Residential customers, we happily serve our local Commercial customers as well.

Whether it's upgrading to energy efficient light bulbs, having a complete rewiringconducted, or helping out with downed powerline restoration, We're Manassas, VA's Catch-All, Go-To Electricians.

4. How Long Have We Been In The Electric Business?


We've been in the electric and lighting business for 27+ Years, so when it comes to kitchen lighting, we know what to expect and how to operate.

Furthermore, we back up all of our installations with our 5-Year Warranty.

That way if, for some reason, the work or equipment doesn't hold up as it should, you're completely covered.

5. What Else Are We Able To Work On?


- Backlighting

- Uplighting

- Shelf Lighting

- Bathroom Lighting

- Home Theater Lighting

- Fluorescent Lighting

- LED Lighting

- Fan Installations

- Panel Box Installations

- Outlet Installations

- Rewiring

- Downed Powerline Removal

- And Etc.

We're also great at troubleshooting those odd-ball electrical quirks and kinks.

We're even Certified in Generac Generator repairs and installations.