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Job Details

Location of Job: Manassas, VA
When: Jun 4, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Living Room Fan Installation
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Brief Explanation

What Did We Do For This Project?

We helped out a local customer with installing two ceiling fans in their living room.

The previously had an older style ceiling in there before, but they eventually felt that it was time to upgrade the look of the room a bit.

They already had the fans on hand fairly preassembled for the most part.

Our main purpose was to connect the fans to their electrical circuit which was already present in this room.

What Was The Main Fan Like?

The first fan which was installed was a large, 5-blade fan.

This fan replaced the main older one in order to help bring better, more efficient airflow to the spaces of the living room while also giving it a much more modern feel as well.

The previous main fan was a complete wreck in comparison to this newer, high class one.

For example, some of the blades were misaligned in relation to their angle with the rotary motor.

This may not seem like a big issue, but over time, this can cause the fan to potentially gyrate excessively.

If this had been allowed to persists for an extended period of time, it's possible that this repetitive motion could have loosened the frame of the fan from its installation mechanism and potentially fall down!

Add a squeaky motor into the mix and just an overall worn out mechanism and it's easy to imagine why our customers wanted to upgrade their living room ceiling fans.

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Client Testimonial
We are very pleased with the personal and professional services John and Express Service Pros provided us in converting an existing screen porch into a four seasons office/library. Work was first class and affordable. All county inspections passed without question and John was careful in… ~ Paul Arthur - Manassas, VA

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1. Why A Double Ceiling Fan?


The other fan which we installed was a split, double ceiling fan (also sometimes known as a dual-rotary fan) which had 3 blades on each rotary motor.

These types of fans are rather quite uncommon to see in the average household.

Yet, thanks to this specific customer's extensively large living room, the piece worked wonderfully into the layout which was already there.

One of the main perks of this choice of model is that they offer simultaneously airflow in two directions at once.

Especially when it comes to a large space in which movement isn't as confined to simply one area, a double ceiling fan can work wonders is giving direct comfort that's customizable and extraordinarily affordable.

2. How Good Are We At Ceiling Fan Installations?


We've been in the Electric business for well over 30+ YEARS, so when it comes to experienced ceiling fan installation services, we know the entire process front to back, inside and out.

Furthermore, we back up all of our work with our 5-Year Warranty.

That way if, for some reason, the labor or equipment doesn't hold up as it should, you're completely covered.

Additionally, we pride ourselves on providing personalized customer interactions every single day, regardless of what the job may entail.

Whether it's completely rewiring your home or simply changing a few light bulbs, we'll work around your specific wants and needs with the same respect and dignity that we give to all of our customers.

3. Are We Legitimate Electricians?


All our technicians are Fully Qualified and Certified Electricians.

Safety is always our #1 Priority here at Express Electric.

We follow all the standards rules, procedures and safeguards set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

When you decide to work with our team, you can rest assured that we'll provide Safe & Secure installations, repairs, services and removals that are done correctly The 1st Time.

4. Can We Install Industrial Fans As Well?


Yes, we can install industrial ones too!

In addition to providing homeowners and renters with quality licensed electrical services, we also happily serve our local Commercial and semi-industrial customers as well.

Whether that's by installing an industrial ceiling fan, having an electrical panel replaced, or safely removing a downed power line, We're Manassas' Favorite Electrical Service.

Be it through quality Residential work or Commercial resolutions that last.

5. What Else Are We Able To Work On?


- Attic Fan Installations

- Exhaust Vent Installations

- Panel Box Installations

- Outlet Installations

- Downed Power Line Removal

- Rewiring

- And so on.

We're great at installing all sorts of electrical equipment and units, big or small.

We're even Certified in Generac Generator repairs and installations.