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We have received 14 Reviews, Averaging 5 Stars.

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Steve Johnsen

Manassas, VA

Date: Mar 4, 2018
Fast service and reasonable price to fix the power line on our house that got pulled off by a fallen tree branch. NOVEC was great but they don't fix broken weather heads and ripped out clamps on the house. John showed up on time, gave a good quote and re-hung the line better than before.
"Fast Service & Reasonably Priced"

Date: Mar 4, 2018
I had John come out to check on a flickering light issue in my home. Not only did he diagnose and resolve the issue but he also fixed another light switch issue on the spot! Great work and friendly service!
"Great Work & Friendly Service!"

Jeff Berry

Manassas, VA

Date: Mar 3, 2018
I had John come out to troubleshoot and repair some wiring issues I had in my home, garage and barn. The issues were a bit extensive considering all the different areas involved. He corrected all the issues I had. He also upgraded me with gfci protection where it was applicable and not present before in my barn and garage areas. He did a great job for me in a timely manner.
"Great Job In A Timely Manner"

Chris Noel

Manassas, VA

Date: Mar 1, 2018
Express Electrical, Replaced 6 light fixtures in my hallway, 1 bathroom light, 2 ceiling fan replaced with my new crystal chandeliers and replaced my two story foyer builder light with a crystal chandelier, The crew that did the work was great and I will recommend this company in the future.
"They Did Great Work"

Reuben Amaro

Manassas, VA

Date: Feb 10, 2018
Thanks for the recessed lighting in my movie theater room! Everyone loved the work you did and it was great for the super bowl party! Will definitely hire again for future projects.
"Will Definitely Hire Again"
Services Provided
Recessed Lighting Install

George Simpson

Manassas, VA

Date: Feb 4, 2018
Hired Express Electrical Services to install 4 ceiling Fans in my home 3 on Top floor and 1 in family room on my 1st floor everything went very well and they cleaned up after they were done. I will recommend them highly Great job guys.
"Great Job Guys!"
Services Provided
Ceiling Fan Install

Victoria Deese

Oakton, VA

Date: Feb 1, 2018
Thank you so much for the new fireplace and lighting in my kitchen! You made my first project as a new homeowner a breeze. Definitely recommend and will be using you again in the future!
"Definitely Recommend "

Courtney Housley

Manassas, VA

Date: Jan 27, 2018
I had Express Electrical Services put in Recess Lighting in my family room with a dimmer switch, and I couldn’t be more please with their work. I will definitely call them again, and highly recommend them for your electric needs.
"I Will Definitely Call Them Again"
Services Provided
Recessed Lighting Install

Gabrielle Noel

Manassas, VA

Date: Jan 24, 2018
We hired Express Electrical Services to install (5) Light fixtures in our home, Went very well and price was fair for what type of fixtures we bought Thanks Express Electrical Services the lights look great. We would highly recommend this company their services are worth it.
"Thanks Express Electrical Services"
Services Provided
Light Fixture Install

Rick Davison

Manassas, VA

Date: Jan 18, 2018
John installed some plugs, switches, and lighting for me. Everything was top quality workmanship. Very satisfied and will be using him again.
"Top Quality Workmanship"

Recent Jobs

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Job Details

Location of Job: Manassas, VA
When: Jun 4, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Living Room Fan Installation
Brief Explanation

What Did We Do For This Project?

We helped out a local customer with installing two ceiling fans in their living room.

The previously had an older style ceiling in there before, but they eventually felt that it was time to upgrade the look of the room a bit.

They already had the fans on hand fairly preassembled for the most part.

Our main purpose was to connect the fans to their electrical circuit which was already present in this room.

What Was The Main Fan Like?

The first fan which was installed was a large, 5-blade fan.

This fan replaced the main older one in order to help bring better, more efficient airflow to the spaces of the living room while also giving it a much more modern feel as well.

The previous main fan was a complete wreck in comparison to this newer, high class one.

For example, some of the blades were misaligned in relation to their angle with the rotary motor.

This may not seem like a big issue, but over time, this can cause the fan to potentially gyrate excessively.

If this had been allowed to persists for an extended period of time, it's possible that this repetitive motion could have loosened the frame of the fan from its installation mechanism and potentially fall down!

Add a squeaky motor into the mix and just an overall worn out mechanism and it's easy to imagine why our customers wanted to upgrade their living room ceiling fans.

Before Photos


After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Manassas, VA
When: May 15, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Roof Exhaust Vent Replacement & Installation
Brief Explanation

What Was Done For This Project?

For this local project, we conducted the installation of a bathroom exhaust vent through the roof of this customer's townhouse.

Our customer's prior exhaust vent was in total disarray and was hardly working at properly ventilating the bathroom below.

Once the change out was complete and we installed the new roof vent, we then locked the damper portion of the vent down with a generous amount of caulk to keep everything water-tight and secure.

This is one of the easiest steps for these types of installations, but you'd be quite surprised at just how easily some other guys forget to do this extra, pivotal step.

Why Did They Choose Us?

The customers which we helped weren't quite sure who the best fit for them would be. That is, of course, until they came across us.

They found confidence in our service in that we have a multitude of 5-Start ratings from previous customers and DECADES of experience from being with the electric business.

Additionally, they admired how we free showed off our work capabilities through some of our various job posting, such as this one right here.

Once they gave us a call, we answered the phone and cut straight to the heart of what sort of problems they were experiencing.

We never beat around the bush more than we have to when it comes to providing quality electrical services to our local community.

Before Photos


After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Gainesville, VA
When: May 15, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Attic Fan Replacement And Installation
Brief Explanation

What Was Needed For This Job?

A customer over in Gainesville had the dome top of their attic fan ripped off during a wind storm.

This left the entire inner workings of their fan fully exposed to the elements outside.

It as allowed for all types of external debris to leak and fall into the now gaping hole that was in this customer's attic.

We came out to their location and installed a completely new attic fan to help keep their attic cooled and properly circulated with fresh air.

Along with this, we installed a brand new dome to help patch up that huge hole that was on their roof.

Can Attic Fans Help Lower Your Electric Bill?

Surprisingly, when it comes to attic fans specifically, just a little bit of power can help to remove a lot of excess heat.

As a day in the life of an attic progresses, the sun's heat permeates through the space of your attic.

While soffit ventilation and roof vents help to reduce this built up heat a little bit, attic temperatures can still often reach up to 150°F, if not higher, without a proper working attic fan.

This stagnant heat can then influence the temperatures of your living space, and while your air conditioner may already be running at a high capacity, you'll likely need to crank it up even higher simply to help compensate for this heat leakage.

But once you add an attic fan into the mix, the situation turns around quite dramatically.

An attic that at one time was 150°F drops down to a much lower 90°F, and this also leads to your cooling system working as it properly should: efficiently and cheaply.

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